Building a Bug Hotel

This bank holiday my wife needed some “me time” and went out shopping for a few hours. This left me in an unusual situation of having all four of my darling offspring at the same time!

My brain simply can’t cope in this situation, being stuck in the house was simply not an option! So despite the rain we all went outside.

I had some pallets spare that I was saving to build a bug hotel with as one of our activities for ‘30 Days Wild‘. But it was an emergency, I had four children under 9, bored and wet. We went ahead with construction.

It is advised that you build a “Bug hotel,” or as Oscar (7) re-named it “Bug Bunk” (proudly stating that this is an alliteration), next to a wild area. This is so the insects would not have far to find it.

To have the bug bunk in such a location would have involved me digging up the garden to put some kind of foundation in. So instead we decided to build it behind the garage on a prepared gravel service, the area is sheltered by the house from the elements and catches the morning sun. The bugs will love it!

Abigail (2) and I piled up the pallates, Arthur (9) and Sammy (3) went off around the manse and church grounds to collect sticks, stones and broken pottery, Oscar (7) project managed.

Once we built the structure, I found an old pirate canopy to cover the roof with, making the hotel waterproof.

We filled the pallet gaps with the stones (at the bottom)’ and wet leaves hoping to attract the odd toad, dry sticks further up and pottery on the top.

We then all went into the garage to make some insect beds.

This included cereal boxes containing rolls of cardboard inside, plastic bottles (lids off) filled with shredded newspaper and plastic punnets with dried grass (taken from the hibernating lawn mower). We returned to the ‘bug bunk’ and put all these creature comforts in the centre hoping to attract bees, and maybe some small mammals.

We had some great fun, the kids got wet and muddy (which is what it is all about) and the wife came home overjoyed with the clean up operation.

I think I might be spending the night in the bug hotel!

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