A rigorous morning at Victoria Village School

I have just returned from a wonderful morning at Victoria Village school.

As ever I was warmly welcomed with smiles from both the children and staff (partly because I am funny to look at).

As regular readers may know, I am a proud governor of the school and had reason to be there in that capacity, but I was also asked to go and speak to the year 6 class about our worship practice as a church and the differences between Christianity and Judaism.

These are huge topics I know, but I tried to keep my presentation as light as possible, so not to engage in deep theological teaching that I could not give any justice to in just an hour slot. The children listened intently and were engaged for the ten minutes I spoke for.

The Q&A began and I was clearly not prepared for what was heading my way!

Each child had between 10-20+ questions written in their books ready to take me to task!

The depth of questioning was astounding. We discussed the historicity of the Bible, Scriptural inerrancy, Science, and Salvation by faith, Heaven, Hell, Sin, morality, angels, Christianity and other religions, pets in Heaven…and even the role of women in ministry!

I answered as best as I could, bringing the children back to the Cross of Christ amidst the apologetics and I will no doubt spend the rest of the week either regretting some of what I said, or wishing that I answered some questions a little differently.

What I am most encouraged about, is that these children are thinking and are being allowed to take Christianity seriously, approaching the subject with respect.

We could have spoken for hours!


Such reasoning will never bring anyone to faith without the work of the Holy Spirit in their young hearts.

Please pray that the Lord intervened between the weakness of my tongue and the willingness of the hearts of these wonderful children.

Please pray that God would water the seeds that were planted today so that the church of tomorrow will reap a bountiful harvest!

Please pray for this most wonderful school! They are all so committed to the children and it is such an amazing place for them all to come and learn, if only I was 25 years younger,(i’d probably be enjoying detention there)!

In the next few weeks we are starting a club for “young people” at Noddfa, where such discussions can take place, as well as games (table tennis, pool, Nintendo Wii, DVD’s and food).

Just like Church, this club is not just for Christians, or young people from Christian families, it is open to all, from whatever background or philosophy!

The poster is below – if you are interested to send your children, please email pastor@noddfabaptist.co.uk and I can inform you of the start date!



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